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Buy LSD Blotter Online. Because of LSD’s widespread use in the ’60s counterculture, government and law enforcement employed scare tactics and propaganda to spread misinformation about psychedelics. Many of these myths persist to this day. Here are a few—and the truth behind them.

Adulteration happens with every well-known drug including cocaine, heroin, marijuana, MDMA, and LSD. But the extent to which contamination occurs must be analyzed.

According to the Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide, the definitive text on responsible psychedelic use, LSD’s adulteration with toxic substances is largely unsubstantiated. Prominent among this myth is the fear of methamphetamine and strychnine (rat poison).

The rat poison myth may have been fortified by a report filed by Albert Hofmann himself. Apparently, he analyzed a powder sample purported to be LSD that turned out to be 100% strychnine. This one-off occurrence somehow led to a widespread belief that Buy LSD was commonly laced with strychnine.

For methamphetamine, the myth is derived from more tangible evidence. Forty years ago, when studies were carried out on adulterant use in LSD, 581 street samples were tested. Of the 581 street samples, 84.5% contained Buy LSD alone, 6.9% contained PCP and .9% contained amphetamine or methamphetamine. None of the samples contained strychnine.

Even though nearly 15% of the samples were adulterated in this study, the possibility of such adulteration today is almost zero. While most LSD came in liquid ( Liquid LSD) form in the ’60s, making it much easier to adulterate, today’s Buy LSD is primarily sold on blotter paper. For the substance to bind to the paper. it cannot contain sufficient amounts of adulterants.

Important Note: These days, blotter papers sold as LSD can contain potentially harmful chemicals such as NBOMes and DOxs. If you purchase LSD blotter from an unknown source, make sure to test your substances with a kit or send them to a lab for testing. A good rule of thumb is to get rid of blotter that tastes extremely bitter – LSD is tasteless, so a strong taste could be an indicator of an NBOMe that could be harmful. Buy LSD Blotter Online

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  1. Shane C.

    I don’t feel anything and I eat like 3 pill a day..also I’m 6.6

  2. William

    Just started micro dosing with this product. Hard to tell so far. Everything looks neat, great trustful customer service.

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